Commercial Tenant Improvements

The Mayor

The Mayor has a classic throwback vibe that includes a great open-air rooftop patio, menu of creative mix drinks, food, and one of a kind staff. The Mayor is located two blocks north of Butler at the corner of San Francisco and Cottage Ave, across from Historic Brewing Co.

Proper - Tucson
Proper is a “farm to table” restaurant located in the heart of downtown Tucson. Proper delights customers with fresh local food prepared in plain sight in their amazing exposition kitchen. Proper was designed by FORS architects. The space is approximately 3,500 SF and was built from “grey-shell” to completion in 16 weeks.
Cultured Yogurt and Coffee
Cultured is an exciting addition to our community. Located in Aspen Place at the Sawmill they offer self-serve yogurt and all varieties of coffee from early morning to late at night. Cultured was designed by Smith Architects. The space is approximately 1,700SF and was built from “grey-shell” to completion in 10 Weeks.
Pizzicletta is located on the south side of the tracks in downtown Flagstaff at 203 W Phoenix Ave. Neapolitan Pizza made fresh in a wood-fired oven from Italy...delicious. For more information visit Pizzacleta was designed by Paul Moore Architect. The space is approximately 700 SF and was built from “grey-shell” in 8 weeks.
Diablo Burger - Flagstaff
Diablo Burger is a prominent example of our Flagstaff commercial construction. Located at Heritage Square in downtown Flagstaff, Diablo Burger receives all their meat from the local ranches of Diablo Trust, The Flying M, and Bar T Bar. Most of their produce is from local farms as well. Diablo Burger is an exciting addition to our community!
REI Entrance
Hope Construction's entrance to the REI store is bold and beautifully integrated with the surrounding architecture.
Located in Aspen Place at the Sawmill Francesca's is a great addition to our community they offer unique clothing and accessories at the perfect price point. The space is approximately 1,500 SF and was built from "grey-shell" to completion in 8 Weeks.
Flagstaff Nails Salon
Located in the Cedar Safeway Shopping Plaza, Flagstaff Nails Salon is a full service nail salon providing high customer satisfaction by offering excellent service, quality products and strict sanitation practices all while providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere at an excellent value. Located at 1500 E Cedar Ave Suite 66 Flagstaff, AZ 86004.