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Hope Construction News

This week we made great progress and the roof is getting framed in. The trusses were raised with a crane (see picture above). Next steps include waterproofing & drying in the building. Pictures to follow...Hope Construction
This week the walls are going up & we are framing the 2nd floor! It is really starting to look like a house & to has only been 3 weeks since we were excavating & found the ancient bones! Hope Construction
The framing has begun and we are making great progress. Luckily the weather is cooperating with us this winter...besides the freezing temperatures last week! Stay tuned for more pictures...Hope Construction.
We have made great progress this week...the footings are done and the foundation wall is being built. Lumber will be delivered next week & the framing will begin! On Thursday, Channel 12 news came to the site to do a story on the prehistoric bones on the 5 o'clock news. Click here to see the story!
On Wednesday when we were digging, the project came to a complete halt when it appeared that human remains were found on the site while digging the footings! The job site was briefly a crime scene with over 15 police officers and detectives roaming around for hours, which then turned into an archaeological dig. Initial indications from the teeth (as seen in the picture to the left) were that the bones were 500-1000 years old. However, the state archaeologist for the Museum of Northern Arizona confirmed that they are at least 2000 years old! Today a baby skeleton was found near the other bones! It was an exciting week and a good history class for all of us at Hope Construction! We did get the clear from the state to keep working and we are diligently pursuing the dig with all eyes open!
2011 is starting out to be an exciting year for Hope Construction. We are breaking ground at 601 S. O'leary. We are thrilled to start building Tim's dream house...he just signed the purchase contract for the lot! Congratulations Tim! The digging has begun...Hope Construction